The Musical Confidence You've Always Wanted

Most guitar players were never taught how to understand their instrument and now feel stuck because of the gaps in their knowledge. Are you ready for something different? I created self-paced, online video courses to show you how to connect the dots, and guide you to musical Confidence, Freedom and Creativity.


Build Confidence, Freedom and Creativity on the Guitar. Click below to order Guitar 360 Method.


"As an experienced player and guitar teacher myself, finding an instructor who could fill my needs was difficult. I tried the typical places: music stores, YouTube, other online courses, but none of them were a good fit. I've met many great players, but being a great player does not equal being a great teacher. Then I found Guitar 360 Method... The clear plan laid out in this course is something that I can really implement. It's been transformational! I've seen a lot of "holes filled" in my playing and I've gained more stage confidence."

Worship Leader / Guitar Teacher

A Different Approach

Guitar theory should not be taught on the piano, and "put your fingers here" is not enough to engage creativity... Learn the WHAT, HOW and WHY - all on the guitar! I studied how the brain develops musicality, then laid out my course to guide you along that path.

Tremendous Value

Ongoing private lessons can get really expensive... With Guitar 360 Method's Semester 1 alone, you’ll get 13 weeks of self-paced, immersive training, that’s yours to keep for a whole year - all for less than the price of 3 lessons at a national-chain music store.

Proven Results

I've trained "weekend warriors" and U.S. National Competition winners alike. You are in good hands! Electric, Acoustic, Rhythm, Lead? Rule them all in any key, anywhere on the neck! Soon they'll be saying: "The band just doesn't sound the same without you...".

Pricing Options




Includes bonus course for absolute beginners

In-depth, hands-on music theory, play-along practice segments, ear-training & quizzes

Over 11 hours of video content in bite-sized, practical lessons

Intro Course Contents

Semester 1 Contents





Are you ready to go to town, devour the content, and be a standout in your band?

Take advantage of reduced volume-pricing for ordering two Semesters

Over 21 hours of video content!

Intro Course Contents

Semester 1 Contents

Semester 2 Contents





Dig deeper into blending colorful Rhythm and Lead styles

Open voicings, melodic fingerstyle, soulful soloing, more complex chords in any key, etc.

Prerequisite: Skills & knowledge  of music theory from Semester 1

Over 10 hours of video content!

Semester 2 Contents


"As an accomplished pianist who wanted to venture into guitar, I originally had concerns about the level of frustration I would feel learning a new instrument. Not only has the experience been fun and exciting, but my pace of learning has exceeded my expectations. Whether a beginner or an advanced musician, I would highly recommend Guitar 360 Method because I can personally attest to the quality of instruction and the commitment to help you achieve your goals."

G360M Student / Recording Artist

"Guitar 360 Method is really well done, online lessons. The video quality is top-notch professional. This isn’t some amateur YouTuber recording with their cell phone. This is a professional operation with a talented teacher and a complete curriculum. If you are looking to learn the guitar at home, at your own pace, this program is really for you!"

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Review Crew

"Guitar 360 Method took me to drastically higher levels in musicianship, technique, and theory, while keeping the thrill of learning in the lessons. Krisz' attention to detail and structure is so well-balanced with his passion to see his students discover their own dreams and vision in music. Through my travels and performances, I constantly find myself recalling the principles and tricks I learned in the Guitar 360 Method curriculum."

G360M Student / Touring Performer

"Guitar 360 Method has completely transformed my understanding of music theory. It is now easy to connect scales, chords and keys in a way that makes practical sense. I also developed the skills to really hear what's happening in the music. Not only have I grown a lot in technique and theory, but I feel like I now have a foundation, which enables me to figure things out on my own much more effectively."

Guitar 360 Method Student

"This is the only course that I can honestly say I have learned from and not gotten frustrated with using. Whether you are a beginner with pretty much no knowledge of the guitar (like me) but eager and willing to learn, or someone with knowledge who wants to dig a little deeper and learn a little more like my husband, then Guitar 360 Method is the perfect tool to get you going."

Guitar 360 Method Students

"If you're looking for an instructor who has the ability to make complex things simple, Guitar 360 Method is the right place for you."

G360M Student / Recording Artist

"The way Krisz teaches and talks to the students through his videos gives complete confidence to the learner. I felt like I could do it! He’s very thorough in his instructions. He explains the WHAT and WHY for everything. We like it a lot! It's a great way to get into the guitar conveniently from home with a great instructor who makes you feel as if you can do anything, even if you haven't done it before."

Guitar 360 Method Student

"My experience with Guitar 360 Method has been beyond fantastic! Music is more than a hobby for me, and Krisz has helped me to step into the next phase of my career through top quality guitar lessons. Guitar 360 Method is a wealth of musical knowledge and it has been a gold mine for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow musically, but especially to those who feel called to take music beyond a hobby and into a career."

G360M Student / Founder of The Songwriting Studio

"I love the enthusiasm and the excitement my boys have about playing, since we started Guitar 360 Method. In fact, as I write this review, they’re watching and learning with this course. My oldest son has even told his youth group leader that he is learning guitar, so he can play with the worship team “in a few weeks”… My younger son said that Krisz is the best teacher he has ever “met”, and he is really starting to progress with his guitar."

Parent of Guitar 360 Method Students

"Krisz is not only a master guitar player, he's also a master guitar teacher. He has a deep understanding of music theory, along with a knack for finding common flaws in guitar technique, and correcting them in a no-nonsense manner. This makes him the perfect teacher for any skill level. I highly recommend Guitar 360 Method!"

G360M Student / Recording Artist

"We loved that this is a self-paced course, so you can go at the speed that's right for you, and review anything. Play real songs from the start, and enjoy practice that's really a jam session with a good backing band. Very clear, high quality sound and video, with different camera angles, so you can see exactly what the instructor is demonstrating. Music theory is applied practically to making good music. Improvisation is encouraged from the start."

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Review Crew

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